10 Cubic Metre Bin

10 cubic metre bin - height 1.18m x width 2.15m x length 4.00m
All bins have rear gates and can be positioned as requested by customer.

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  • * 10 metre compared to 7 cubic metre bin. Note 10m is higher and wider.
  • * Long term hire options available. Call for best prices in Launceston area.
10 Cubic Metre Bin
10 Cubic Metre Bin
10 cubic meter bin measurements - large rear gate Height x Width x Length x

10m3 Skip Bin Standard Version

Ideal for large projects. Offers a lower per cubic metre rate. Requires 2.5m wide access for standard 10 cubic metre bins

1.18m inside width 2.13m outside width 2.3m 4m

10m3 Narrow Version

If narrow laneway and book well in advance can request a more narrow, high sided 10m bin. Narrow version 10m: height 1.38m x width 1.98 x length 4.00m ; outside width 2.06m

1.38m 1.98m 4m