3m Skip Bin

Best Prices in town from 2.5 to 3 cubic metres. Discounts for range of waste types and hire period options. Save up to 3.5 trips to tip with this mini-skip. Great Value for small jobs.

Bin Features: easy access ramp, crane liftable, night reflectors for street positioning, 14 days council approved street parking.

By choosing to use these bins you are assured of our efforts to divert from landfill via our transfer station at Invermay.

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A cubic metre is measured by the depth x width x length. General rule of thumb is a level box trailer is approximately 3/4 of a cubic metre. Visualise your pile of waste and take 3 measurements, length multiplied by the width multiplied by the depth. That should give you an approximate size.

These 3 cubic metre bins can be crane lifted if required to accomodate mutistorey sites.

3m Skip Bin
3m Skip Bin
3m Skip Bin
3m Skip Bin

We are a trully locally owned, reliable and competitive general waste removal business. If required labour hire available to assist in filling bins.

3 cubic meter bin measurements Height x Width x Length x

standard 3m3

Ideal for clean-ups & house refurbishments. Smaller jobs. Crane liftable.

1.1m 1.35m 2.2m at top, taper to 1.4 at bottom

smaller versoin 2.5m3

small jobs includes ramp.

1.2m 1.3m 2.15m