6 Cube Mtr Narrow Bins

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

We assist in keeping your workiste looking professional and clean with with GuardAway skip bins.

Statewide Independent Wholesale facility at Western Junction Tasmania we serviced 411 singular skip bin jobs for sample period 1/4/2011 to 15/3/2012. Bins provided ranged in size from 6 (slimline and standard) to 12 cubic metre bins. 
Every bin same day reliable & competitve service.

"Again, thankyou to our team's excellent service and for advancing our local business with on time delivery service requirements".

6 metre skip bin - narrow version (slimline)

6 Cube Mtr Narrow Bins
6 Cube Mtr Narrow Bins
6 Cube Mtr Narrow Bins
Capacity cubic metres Ideal for... Features Length Width Height Weight

6m3 narrow

narrow driveways, loading bays

rear doors, night reflectors


inside = 1.52m outside width = 1.67


allows up to 5 tonnes

6 cubic meter bin measurements Height x Width x Length x

standard 6m3

Ideal for clean-ups & house refurbishments

0.95m 1.96m 3.5m

narrow version 6m3

Excellent for narrow driveways

0.95m 1.58m 4.5m