6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

If you are doing construction or renovating and need a Skip Bin to get rid of the builders waste, then call us today. We are Launceston's largest provider of cheapest 6 cubic metre skip bins, rated as the perfect size for householders. For complete range of cheap skip bins click here

All bins have rear gates for easy access and can be positioned on site within close proximity to customer needs. Our drivers are expert on relatively steep blocks. Each job is treated with care and attention.

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Bins park well where-ever a car can be parked.
These our most popular bins for size, convenience and price.

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin
6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin
6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Both of the above skip bins are 6 cubic metres but with different dimensions for to accomodate location requirements.

1) narrow/longer (above left) and 2) standard (above right) 6 cubic metre skip bins

Ideal bin for tenant cleanups, moving house, gargage clean ups. See other bin options click here.

6 cubic meter bin measurements Height x Width x Length x

standard 6m3

Ideal for clean-ups & house refurbishments

0.95m 1.96m 3.5m

narrow version 6m3

Excellent for narrow driveways

0.95m 1.58m 4.5m