Asbestos Transport

GuardAway Asbestos Controlled Waste Transport within Launceston, Northern, North West and East Coast of Tasmania: Controlled Waste Handler Registration No: CWTEMP197TA; As a controlled waste handler under regulation 6 of the Environmental Management and Pollutiuon Control (Controlled Waste Tracking) Regulations 2010.

GuardAway is licensed by EPA to trasnport asbestos waste. The permit stipulates the necessary controls for the safe handling, transport and disposal of waste asbestos. We follow strict checklists and procedures that ensure asbestos waste material is protected and remain intact during transport and unloading. Any packaging that is damaged must be replaced or repaired prior to disposal. Vehicles should be carefully cleaned after transporting waste asbestos.

Up to 7 tonnes of asbestos pickup per bin. Fully licenced by EPA and Workplace Health & Safety. Pickup must be Monday, Wednesday or Friday between times of 9:30am and 1pm, within Launceston area. Please confirm pickup times if outside Launceston.

For more information and competitive quotes please call us on 6334 1433 for Northern Tasmania.