Bin Features

The GuardAway Waste Management Front Lift System is designed as a top loading, compact, enclosed bin system with easy to open lids. The bins are water tight, odour and rodent resistant which makes them suitable for most commercial or industrial applications where both space and specific waste disposal is called for. The range available vary from 1.5 cubic metres, 3 cubic metres and 4.5 cubic metres with optional facilities such as castor wheels and lockable lids.

This environmentally safe waste disposal system provides for “clean, out of sight” waste management without causing pressure on business, the public and the environment.

Bin Features
  1. Multiple Sizes available including 1.5 cubic metres, 3 cubic metres and 4.5 cubic metres
    • 1.5 cubic metres, = 1.90(L) x 1.00(W) x 0.90(H)
    • 3.0 cubic metres, = 1.90(L) x 1.56(W) x 1.30(H)
    • 4.5 cubic metres, = 2.05(L) x 1.60(W) x 1.52(H).
  2. Industrial bins are galvanised to prevent rust.
  3. Bins are fitted with plastic lids which are lighter and easier to use.
  4. Bins can be provided with or without wheels.
  5. Pockets can be fitted to bins to allow for them to be lifted by forklift. This allows for the easy movement of industrial bins on-site.
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6 cubic meter bin measurements Height x Width x Length x

standard 6m3

Ideal for clean-ups & house refurbishments

0.95m 1.96m 3.5m

narrow version 6m3

Excellent for narrow driveways

0.95m 1.58m 4.5m