Fencing Instructions

If performing self-assembly of temporary security fencing please ensure read these instructions;

  1. When handling equipment ensure wear appropriate hand gloves
  2. Please do not drop footings that hold fence panels as concrete inside plastic can break. If note any damage or issues that you believe to be unsafe please report to GuardAway immediately phone 6331 9331. - 24/7 hours
  3. Ensure place fence panels right way up. The shorter protrusion goes into footing. This ensures smaller gap under fence.
  4. Ensure clamp is applied after assembly of fence panels. This assists in ease of assembly.
  5. Ensure clamps are tightened to ensure integrity of fence line.

We always give our customers extra fence panels for creating an “L” shape at end of fence line for stability. See Diagram below. Note footings placed at end of fence line.


By using our services you accept our terms and conditions as below;

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