Resource Recovery

Crushed Brick and Shredded Timber Reuse call 6334 1433 or enquire at
At GuardAway we provide resource recovery of bin contents related to brick and timber.
Enquire on 
* Crushed brick and (different granules can be made to order)
* Shredded timber for reuse.

Hardwood Timber - reuse call 6334 1433 - all enquiries welcome

Launceston's Resource Recovery Centre at St Leonards recovers hardwood timber for reuse. when sorted in bin assists reuse, reduces costs and helps the environment. Available for resale to builders or home handyman at bargain prices.

Construction waste is delivered to our site and can be made available for re-use in some cases upon request.

Larger or specialised items (i.e. steel, concrete, timbers) are extracted from the dumping bay by hand and mini excavator.

Remaining material is placed on conveyor belt for manual sorting. Some materials are stored in our bins and availble for resale to builders or sold at bargain prices.