Waste Types

Waste Type What you CAN put in skip bin What CAN'T be put in skip bin

General Waste MIXED/UNSORTED Waste.

Most general household & yard waste can be included. Eg. Boxes, wood, cabinets, white goods, clothes, toys, carpet , computer monitors, hard drives, green waste, yard clippings, recyclable plastics, cardboard, glass, metal, furniture, timber, laminate, general demolition, fence palings Sleepers, Sporting equipment, Papers, Documents, Tree stumps.

Putrescible waste (food waste etc.), & Asbestos. MUST NOT BE included.Liquid paints MUST NOT BE included and will incur additional charges due to damage and clean-up costs that they cause on tipping.

Skip bins MUST NOT BE Overloaded or be filled above the rim under any circumstance as this causes unsafe transport to waste facility stations and you the customer are liable if any damage occurs from objects falling from bin in transport. Collection may be denied if this occurs which will incur additional costs. See Full Terms & Conditions.

Bricks, Concrete & Tiles ONLY RECYCLED/SORTED Waste

ONLY Bricks, Concrete & Tiles are allowed. Bricks, Titles, Roof tiles, Concrete, Dirt, Sand, Asphalt, Crushed Rock, Blue stone.

NO other waste type ALLOWED

Green Waste

Garden Green Waste, Tree branches, offcuts

NO other waste type ALLOWED

6 cubic meter bin measurements Height x Width x Length x

standard 6m3

Ideal for clean-ups & house refurbishments

0.95m 1.96m 3.5m

narrow version 6m3

Excellent for narrow driveways

0.95m 1.58m 4.5m