Worksite Safety

GuardAway when reviewing your work site for fencing will consider the following KNOWN HAZARDS.

Is the site near to other residential buildings / pedestrians etc?

Are there excavations or confined spaces on site – eg open trenches, utilities, pier holes or swimming pools?

Are there any impaling materials left on site – eg reo bars, nails in timber or form work materials?

Is there a potential for collapse – eg of concrete formwork or battered areas of soil from site cuts?

Are there deliveries of building materials to site?

Is there a potential for the public to be hit by falling objects related to the construction process on the site?

Is the public exposed to high-risk construction work, or plant and equipment?

Is there a potential for construction building debris (including wind blown debris) to leave the site – ie inadequate waste

Is there a potential for unauthorised access on this site by any individuals?
  • Consider access:
  • Hazardous materials
  • To plant and materials
  • Overnight or when the site is unsupervised
  • By climbing over the existing fence
  • By crawling under the existing fence
  • To electricity or servicesTo scaffolding, upper storey floor levels, ladders or penetrations
  • To dedicated construction site amenities