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Skip Bin size in Cubic Meters

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To estimate the size of skip bin you need, work out your volume like this:
Length x Width x Height (of waste to remove)

= 2m x 1.6m x 1.8m
= approx. 5.76m
Choose a 6 cubic metre bin

Capacity cubic metres Skip Bin Ideal for... Features Dimensions Length Width Height See Photo
MINI Smaller budget, quick and easy to fill bins
2.5m3 Save up to 3.5 trips to tip & save time on sorting from ONLY

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ramps & just a very cheap option top 2.2m
taper to 1.4m
1.3m 1.1m click here
3m3   top 2.2m
taper to 1.4m
1.4m 1.2m click here
save 4.5 trips to tip
4m3 concrete, bricks, matress, timber up to 5 tonne included in quote rear doors;save hassle of 6 trips to tip using standard trailer 4.2m 1.9m 0.5m click here
save 6 trips to tip
suits shorter driveways popular bin with householders Our most popular bins Our most popular bins; upgrade from 4 to 6 cubic meters for only $35 extra 3.5m 1.96m 0.95m

click here

suits narrow driveways (Suits most householders with narrow driveways) walk-in bin, rear gate; equivalent to at least 9 trips to tip with trailer. 4.5m 1.58m 0.95m click here
save at least 9 trips to tip
7m3 We recommend for house construction and builders waste Allows extra weight at no extra charge 4.2m 1.95m 0.95m click here
MAXI Maximum size - Large Skip Bulk Bins - ideal for bigger projects
10m3 bulky items - moving house excess items to dispose higher & wider; save 15 trips to tip 4.0m 2.15m 1.18m click here
12m3 suit large jobs higher & wider 4.5m 2.25m 1.22m click here
18m3 Ideal size and height for large projects. Save on projects where have space for larger bin footprint. Requires 3m wide access. Not suitable for narrow streets or narrow driveways 6m 2.32m 1.5m click here
19m3 super large bins, ideal for large cleanups and projects longer bins 6m 2.3m 1.7m click here
32m3 Fully enclosed shipping container with side and rear gates. Extra large bins, ideal for big projects, shop fitouts secure bins as fully enclosed. Ideal for busy roads or where need to quarantine contents of bin. 6m (outside length) 2.3m 2.775m (outside) click here


"...we did not know the Council tip now charged by weight for our trailer. The benefit of skip bins saved us hassle of tip sorting stations and we don't get charged by weight. The difference in price made no sense in use of trailer. Thankyou GuardAway! Read more...

A cubic metre is measured by the depth x width x length. General rule of thumb is a level box trailer is approximately 3/4 of a cubic metre. Visualise your pile of waste and take 3 measurements, length multiplied by the width multiplied by the depth. That should give you an approximate size.

To help you estimate your waste removal requirements, please see the following: (trailer loads = 6 x 4m). Save time and hassle of sorting at tip. Note Launceston tip charge trailers by weight.

  • 3 trailer loads – 2m3
  • 4 trailer loads – 3m3
  • 6 to 7 trailer loads – 4m3
  • 9 to 12 trailer loads – 6m3
  • 10 to 13 trailer loads – 7m3
  • 12 to 15 trailer loads – 10m3
  • 14 to 16 trailer loads – 12m3

Why GuardAway Skip Bins

  • Why pay more because you have extra rubbish.
  • Launceston's flexible service provider understands importance of a quick and easy service means to our customers.
  • Being Launceston's only locally owned and fully equipped waste disposal service.
  • Our material recycling facility for general waste means you are helping the environment when using GuardAway.
  • Our local, reliable and competitive service is unique to Launceston.

Why Skip Bins?

  • Range of sizes available
  • Same day delivery and removal
  • Duration of time the bin remains onsite is determined by customers
  • Recycling of demolition waste available
  • Saves time, effort, cost & unexpected compared to landfill disposal
  • Improved site safety through dedicated disposal point
  • Improved site aesthetics for duration of work
  • Avoid Unexpected Tip weight charges on trailers!

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Use of temporary fencing around bin

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